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Spudfest for a great experience!


I grew up in a suburban neighborhood where we spent summer afternoons swimming in my best friend’s pool and riding the wheels off our banana seat bikes. But one of the greatest thrills before heading back to school came in late August, when we would head to my grandmother’s house in the country to dig potatoes! You haven’t lived until you’ve felt the soft garden dirt between your toes and pulled a withered potato plant out of the ground only, to discover a whole treasure of new potatoes hidden beneath the soil! Take your kids to the Rural Heritage Museum at the Ag Center on Sharpsburg Pike, Saturday, August 25 from 10am-4pm for SPUDFEST and let them experience this rite of passage firsthand! Potatoes that were planted in the Spring will be harvested by a horse-drawn plow. Then, children can get in the potato patch to pick up the crop. There’s also a menu with “potato food” for when you get hungry, homemade Potato Chip Making, and Potato Pickin’ Awards. All events are FREE!  Other activities coinciding with Spudfest include children’s activities, an Antique Tractor Show, a Truck Show; Master Gardener Pollinator Palooza, outdoor artisan bread baking, and an Antique Tractor Pull.  So bring your kids to Spudfest – they might get a little dirty, but they’ll have a great time!

Blog by: Kathy Hart Thomas