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Hagerstown - You Don't Have to Go Far for a Great Experience


You can order from your car, bike or scooter – but it might take you a while to decide exactly what kind of snowball you want since Rhonda Durben Ramsey and her daughters offer a whopping 59 flavors at their charming little snowball stand.  Located at 11019 Pin Oak Terrace in Oak Ridge, this trio of ladies has been serving up favorites like Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, and Root beer since 2011.  They even have 5 sugar-free flavors for the calorie conscious.  There is a constant flow of customers from 6 p.m. until dark, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Stop by this friendly neighborhood gathering place and try a small ($1) or regular (1.75) snowball and ask them to load it up with Marshmallow or Seafoam topping. It’s a sweet way to end your day.  Visit Oak Ridge Snowball Stand real soon!